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I am a employee at the local Belle River Petvalu, where I have received speciality education in pet nutrition and general care through the UC Davis Veterinary program at the University of California with regular update programs too. Growing up owning many animals has given me a natural connection and love for all pets. I've gained experience watching others animals starting in high school when I would go after school for 2 years to take care of a family friends 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a parrot. I'd even house sit while watching the animals for weeks at a time when they were away on vacation. I have many references and a good professional rapport within the Belle River and Windsor communities.

I am also a proud owner of two pure breed Siberian Huskies, a rescue cat, a turtle and fish. My love for animals started from a very young age. I was raised with many labs that my father used as hunting dogs and grew to be loving family pets. We were given a white rabbit for Easter one year, had a tank full of fish, a cat and the last to join the bunch was our miniature dashhound Kyra, who is 16 years old now. Saving birds, cats, being exposed to nature on a constant basis has all prepared me to take on this adventure and feel confidant caring for others pets as of they were my own.

If you have any further questions/inquiries or you would like to book any services, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

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